Sam’s Sportshall

Inter-County Sports Hall Match.


The Inter County Sportshall Match was held in Manchester on Sunday 17th January for the Under 11 age group. Sam Wright was Ellenborough’s only representative in the Cumbria Team, and he had a fantastic time.

Sam was selected for the maximum 5 events on the day. They were the High Stepper, the 4×1 lap relay, the Hurdles relay, Standing Long Jump and the Grand Prix. Sam did very well in all his events, but was outstanding in the High stepper, finishing in joint 1st place.

Mum Alison said that the facilities in Manchester are amazing, and that Lisa Screen from Kendal AC who is involved in the County selection process was brilliant with all of the County Team Members, and looked after everyone very well. Alison added that they all felt privileged to be in there doing their bit for Cumbria, and it was a great experience for all of the kids from different parts of the country to be involved in such a well organised event.

 Sam Wright represents Cumbria at the Sportshall Athletics Intercounty match in Manchester.