Cumbria League dates 2015

Hello again,

Some dates for your diaries! Memory is a great thing!

The four Cumbria League Matches for this year are as follows:

Saturday April 18th at Copeland,

Saturday May 9th at Copeland,

Saturday July 18th Barrow (provisionally booked for the new track at Barrow)

Saturday Sept 5th at Copeland (Medal presentations made at this meeting, also the Age group Champions announced and Shields awarded).

In each age group the athlete can take part in a maximum of 3 events on the day. If they finish inside the top 6 in each event they are awarded points. The points count towards the clubs League position, but also towards the athletes standing within their age group. On Sept 5th Medals are awarded to the athletes in each age group that score the most points over the four matches. If the athlete does not compete in a minimum of 3 matches their points tally does not count towards the medals, but still counts for the team score.

The points are awarded thus:

1st = 7

2nd = 5

3rd = 4

4th = 3

5th = 2

6th = 1

No points are awarded for the heats, points are only awarded in the finals.

If there are four male or female athletes from an age group we can enter them into a 4x100m relay race. The relays are very exciting and get loads of crowd noise to help the competitors. All points are counted towards the team score and none for the individual.

We expect all athletes who are old enough to compete (u11 upwards) to come to at least one match, and try 3 events plus relay (if there are enough for a relay team).

The Cumbria League matches are a great learning place for budding young athletes. The Officials are very helpful and help to guide youngsters ……..and helpers! The rules are as per England Athletics rules, but with a relaxed attitude in order to help develop youngsters confidence.

Remember that we will loan the athletes a club vest (which they need to be able to compete) and that we have prepaid the entry fee for the League matches, so other than your transport costs, you can have a cheap day out!

Also, can I kindly remind you that anyone who has an outstanding membership form needs to get it handed in within the next two weeks to be able to get their England athletics registration completed by Jackie. The news is that everyone will be asked for the registration number when registering for an open meeting. If you are not registered you may not be allowed to compete.


If you have any questions, please contact me or any other Ellenborough Coach.